The Magic Ring

How a poor man got wealth thanks to his compassion and generosity.

The Cunning Jackal

The jackal fooled everyone everyday. What happened to him when he got in trouble.

When A Donkey Cries, It Rains

Why does a donkey's tears bring rain?

The Miserly Man

When a miser didn't trust anyone and buried all his wealth in one place, he was punished by the King of Gods.

Why Monkeys Do Not Speak

Why can't monkeys talk and what happens when it does?

The Demon and the Farmer

When a demon took the form of a farmer and took his wife, the King was called to solve the problem.

A Crow's Greed

The story of a crow who went to extreme lengths to get his rival's eggs to eat.

The Lying Astrologer

When he found out that the King's daughter would be full of fortune, he came up with an evil plan to get the fortune all for himself.