The Lying Astrologer

The Lying Astrologer

Once upon a time lived a wise and clever astrologer whom the King often consulted. He was called to court the day the King's daughter was born. He was welcomed into the palace and the king asked that he prepare the baby's zodiac, and also predict her future.

During the preparation of the zodiac, the astrologer discovered that the baby possessed thirty-two perfections, meaning that it was the signs of great prosperity. The astrologer discovered that the fortune would come to any place she graced with her presence. So the astrologer, in his greed, thought up of a wicked plan. He went to the king and said, "Your majesty, this baby is a bad omen. Only a few perfections match, which is a bad thing. After seven days, she will change into a demonly beast and start biting people."

He advised the king to put the baby into a gold box, inside a silver box, inside an iron box, and leave it in the jungle. The king being very superstitious believed the astrologer and did as advised. As it so happened that at that time, a king from another state was also hunting in that jungle. His party trapped a frightful bear and were wondering what to do with it. That's when they heard a baby crying. When they discovered an iron box, and inside it a gold and silver box and inside it a beautiful baby girl. The king carried the baby girl with him to his palace along with the gold and silver boxes. They left the angry bear inside the iron box in the jungle and left.

In the middle of the night, the astrologer went into the jungle and was happy to have gotten away with the plan. He thought the fortunes the baby brought would be his now as well as the gold and the silver boxes as well. He opened the iron box, but to his surprise, he was greeted by the angry bear. It leapt out of the chest and tore him to pieces. He was killed by a dangerous beast, according to the same evil forecast he made for the King.


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