A Crow's Greed

A Crow's Greed

Once upon a time lived two crows, who were rivals to each others. One day they decided that the bird whose nest got the first rays of the sun would get to eat the eggs of the other. One clever crow built it's nest at the top of the tree, where he knew the sun rays would reach first. The other crow built its nest on the river bank. When the sun rose, the rays reached the top of the tree first. So he ordered the other to let him eat the eggs.

But the other crow replied, "Your beak is dirty, you have to wash it first before visiting my nest." The impatient crow went to the stream to wash its beak, but the ther refused him to do so. He said he didn't want the whole river dirtied, and asked to first go and fetch a pot, fill it with water and then wash his beak in it. So the crow flew off to a potter and begged, "Please let me to use one of your pots so I can fetch water." But the potter told him to find a deer's antler which he needed to dig up mud for making his pots.

So the crow flew off to a deer and asked for an antler so he could get a pot and wash his beak and eat the egges of his rival, but he understood the situation and asked the crow to call a dog to pull out the antler. Hearing this, the crow reached a dog, who in turn wanted to profit from the situation and asked the crow to bring him milk from a cow to get energy to do work. The crow went to a cow now and it replied that it was undernourished to give any milk. So it asked the crow to bring some grass.

Now the crow went to a grass-cutter who said he needed a new scythe to cut grass. The crow now went to an ironsmith to ask for a scythe. After a lot of persuation, he agreed to make one for him. The crow, who was impatient by now, picked up the hot scythe from the furnace, whick burned off his beak completely and he died of the pain. He was never able to eat the eggs of his rival decause of his greed. The other crow lived happily when his rival didn't return home after that.


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