The Demon and the Farmer

The Demon and the Farmer

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in a village who betrothed his son to be married to a girl when they grew up. The kids didn't know each other and grew up as such. When he was all grown up, he went to the girl's house to be married. They were worried how they looked, not having seen each other in years, but were relieved to see that the girl was most beautiful and the boy very handsome. Still, they knew nothing about each other since they hadn't talked to each other.

They were married accordingly and threw a big feast. After departing to the boy's house, on the way was a big jungle. They were not keen on returning home so early, therefore proceeded to joke around and decided to rest in a peaceful spot in the jungle. Being tired from the festivities and the walking, they were tired and fell asleep. The sun sank and the jungle became pitch dark.

A demon who lived in the jungle happened to pass by the spot they were sleeping and was attracted by the beauty of the wife. He turned himself into the farmer with his magic and picked up the wife and carried her away. When she woke up, she became very shy, but didn't shout for help as she believed  him to be her husband. A little later, when the farmer awoke and saw he was there alone, started to worry. He searched around and followed the footmarks.

Shortly afterwards, he found her walking along with another man, and became angry. But when he saw the man looked exactly like him, he was left speechless. A quarrel broke out among them claiming the wife to be their own. The woman was helpless and started to cry bitterly. The villagers gathered around the commotion. They were shocked at the sight of two identical men. The King was called to solve the delicate matter. The King upon hearing the dilemma said, "Since you both look exactly the same, it is impossible to distinguish between you two. So I will let the man, who can enter through the mouth of the waterpot an exit out the spout, take the woman home.

The real farmer was dismayed at the decision and began crying how it could be done. But the demon smiled as it was an easy task, and went through the mouth of the waterpot. But just as he was coming out of the spout, the king ordered guards to take him by the neck. The demon understood of his idiocy, and disappeared never coming back. The real farmer thanked the king and praised him for his cleverness and wisdom.


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