Why Monkeys Do Not Speak

Why Monkeys Do Not Speak

Once upon a time, there lived a man with a tame, loyal monkey. They had a good friendship and the monkey was able to understand everything that the man told him. The man was curious about why the monkey could do everything, but could not speak. One day he came up with a plan to make the monkey talk.

He piled a big amount of butter in a bowl, knowing that when it melted, it woulod overflow from the bowl. He then asked the monkey to watch over it. He asked the monkey to be over careful that no amount of butter gets spilled out as it was very precious and expensive. He put the bowl in the sun and left it there. He hid himself behind some bushes and watched what the monkeyt would do.

When the rays of sun started to melt thye butter, the bowl started to fill to the brim. And slowly but certainloy, the butter started to spill out of the bowl. The loyal monkey desperately began to scoop up the falling butter back but it was useless. It was impossible to fit the melted butter back into the bowl. He became very afraid and started to frantically jump up and down, runningback and forth, trying to call the man.

The man was watching and thought that anytime now the monkey would have to speak. When all his efforts were in vain to call the man, he shouted out that the butter was overflowing. The moment he shouted out, his head exploded and he died. The man watched in horror as to what had happened. To this day, the superstition remains that a monkey will die if it speaks.


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