The Miserly Man

The Miserly Man

Long ago lived a miserly man who was only focused on one thing, how to make more and more money. He would lend money to people at a high interest rate and when they couldn't pay him back, they would have to turn over their property to the miser. By lending money at such rates, he became the master of such a vast fortune that he didn't know where to store it all. Since he trusted no one, he used to bury it all in the jungle where only he would know where it was. No one else had the slightest idea as of where it all was, not even his own family members.

The villagers all knew of his greed and hated him for it, but when it came to burrowing, only he had enough money to lend. He was so unpopular that the news of his even reached the ears of Indra, the King of Gods. Indra decided to punish the miser, and caused a heavy rainfall for many days and nights. It was a real problem for people, because it caused many floods and landslides.

The area where the miser had buried all his money also was washed away and frequent landslides made the area quite unrecognizable. When the rain stopped subsequently, the miser went to check if his treasure was there, but he could not find the place where he buried it all. Everything seemed the same and he couldn't pinpoint where exactly the burial place was. He started to dig here and there, and no one else wanted to help him, so he was alone. He spent his life searching for the treasure and regretted not trusting anyone else other than himself.


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