When A Donkey Cries, It Rains

When A Donkey Cries, It Rains

Once upon a time in a jungle, there was a big pond which served as the drinking water source for many animals and birds. Frogs and toads lived there, flocks of geese and storks came there to swim, buffaloes and rhinos used to wallow in the water and elephants, foxes, tigers, etc all came there to quench their thirst.

One summer, there was a drought, and being very hot, there was no rain. The streams and rivers began to dry out and the water level in the pond also started to drop. One morning, a flock of geese came to swin in the water, but landed on the swamp. They couldn't believe that the pond, where there was once plenty of water, had dried up. They searched for any place where the water was leaking, but found none. But they saw a donkey drinking water at the other side of the pond. They were very angry and shouted, "Look at the outrageous donkey, he drank all the water."

They made a big scene there that all the other animals gathered around and asked why they were shouting so loud. The geese coplained that the donkey had emptied the pond by drinking all the water. The frogs sided with the geese and said that there was plenty water yesterday, but today the pond had indeed dried up and blamed the donkey as well. When other animals came to drink water, they were all told that there was no water because the donkey had drank it all.

Soon after, the king of the jungle, the lion came to drink water. All the animals complained to the king saying, "Your majesty, the idiot donkey drank all the water. Punish him." The lion could not believe that the donkey had drank all the water, so he asked the goose. They replied, "Yes your majesty, there was enough water just yesterday, but all the water is gone today." The frogs added, "Yes, we definitely swam in the pond yesterday." All the animals then told that they were sure and that the donkey was still drinking from the pond.

The lion confirmed the actions and decided to punish the donkey for draining the pond. They all went up to the donkey who was on the other bank. He was still struggling to get any water out of the swamp. He was scared when he saw the king of the jungle coming towards him with hundreds of other angry animals. The lion shouted, "How dare you drink all the water from the pond?"

The donkey was stunned and said, "No your majesty, I didn't drink all the water. When I came to drink the water this mornning, the water had already gone. I'm just trying to get any moisture from the swamp." He begged the lion to be merciful and that he was not guilty at all.

The crowd was furious at the lie the donkey was telling, no one believed him. They asked the lion to execute him there and then. The donkey was very scared and realised his life was about to end. He was going to be killed for something he hadn't done. He began crying and tears began to flow from his eyes.

The king of gods, Indra, was watching all the events on the pond. He took pity on the poor donkey and made it rain. The heavy rainfall quickly began to fill the pond, and the animals went their ways once they knew they weren't going to die of thirst. The lion decided to spare the donkey's life.

It is still believed to this day that it will rain when a donkey cries.


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