(Contributor: Ashish Shrestha)

Education means learning or gaining knowledge about something. It is the process of transferring knowledge, skills, ideas from elders to younger, from expert to students, from trainer to trainee, parents to children, so that they can easily accept the social values, norms, rules and adjust in the society. It is an effort made by the seniors to transfers the knowledge they have gained to the students of the society.

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In our society, most of the people think that education means going to a place called school or college where children are taught by the teachers and enrich their wisdom but education can be a variety of things. It is a way of learning something new. For example, upbringing a child is also a type of education where a child learn something new from parents, training to learn something is also a type of education. Education is a continuous learning process where an individual learn something new every day from his birth till his death. Education provides both the academic and technical knowledge to the people. It helps in the transferring of all the social values, norms, rules to the people of the society. So, education makes the human a social being.

Today is the age of technology and technology has helped in the development of education system. People are learning faster with the help of technology and also by the use of internet. Internet is providing the facilities to the people to learn more by providing them the vast information about everything that an individual wants to learn. Due to the great advancement in technology and education system, people are learning faster and there is also a great development in the society. People are recognizing the importance of education in their life. So, they are working hard to earn money and make their children get proper education so that their children would have a successful life. Education doesn’t come so cheaply. People have to pay to get good education. In developing countries like Nepal, where there is very high illiteracy rate, high poverty rate, needs to provide proper education to the people. Due to high poverty, those people cannot acquire good education and also can’t provide education to their children. Due to high fees in school and colleges, people can’t afford good education. So, government has to help those people who wants to receive education but can’t afford those expensive schools or colleges. Everybody has got right to receive education but those rights should be protected by the Government.

In today’s world, education has become a major thing in the life of a person. It is the foundation of a successful person or a base that every individual needs for the successful life.


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