Model Question - I: Compulsory Health, Population and Environment

Model Question - I: Compulsory Health, Population and Environment


Subject: Compulsory Health, Population and Environment

Full Marks: 75

Time: 2:15 hrs


*Candidates are required to answer in their own words as far as practicable. Credit will be given to originality, not to rote-learning.

Group 'A'  [10×1=10]

Very short answer questions

Attempt ALL the questions from this group.

  1. When is the world population day celebrated?
  2. What is dependent population?
  3. Define quality of life.
  4. Write the names of any two religious sites found in Himalayan region.
  5. Which aspect of ecosystem is taken as land topography and climate?
  6. What is the average length of Asiatic rock python?
  7. Write a difference between in-situ conservation and ex-situ conservation.
  8. When was the concept of sustainable development introduced?
  9. In which part of the body does the human papiloma virus causes cancer?
  10. What is the full form of BCG ?


Group 'B' [13×5=65]

Short answer questions

Attempt any THIRTEEN questions from this group.

  1. What is population density? Why is the density of central development region higher than other region? Give reason. [2+3=5]
  1. List the biological factors affecting birth and describe any two of them briefly. [1+4=5]
  1. What is total fertility rate? Find out the total fertility rate on the basis of the following table. [2+3=5]

Age Group

Age Specific Fertility Rate

15-19 years

20-24 years

25-29 years

30-34 years

35-39 years

40-44 years

45-49 years










  1. Describe briefly any five elements that determine the quality of life. [5]
  1. Differentiate the socio-economic aspects between Hill and Terai region. [5]
  1. List the main conservation programmes of environment and explain any two of them in brief. [2+3=5]
  1. What are the causes of necessity of conservation of biodiversity? Explain any five of them. [5]
  1. List out five rare plants of Nepal with their brief description. [5]
  1. "The economic status of particular nation can be easily uplifted through industrial development." Justify. [5]
  1. Define sustainable development and describe any three of its principles. [5]
  1. Define epidemic disease and mention any four symptoms of cholera. [5]
  1. "Balanced diet can be obtained through local level and cheap foods." How? [5]
  1. How do the tobacco and drug harm the human health? List some signs which help us know to indicate that a person is in drug habit. [5]
  1. As a student of secondary level, provide any five suggestions to concerned institutions or organizations which support for solving the major health problems of Nepal. [5]
  1. Explain in short about Nepal Red Cross Society. [5]


**Good Luck**


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