The Fox, The Tiger and The Priest

The Fox, The Tiger and The Priest

Once upon a time, there lived a very kind-hearted priest who spent most his time performing rituals and worshipping for the inhabitants of different villages. This was how he managed to earn enough to support him every day. One day he was invited to perform a ceremomy in a far village. On the way, he had to pass through a forest.

The priest saw a tiger trapped in a cage in the forest. The tiger calmly asked, "O learned man, please help me out of this cage." The priest was very scared at first of the tiger, but being quite kind-hearted, he was in a dilemma. On the one hand, he wanted to set th etiger free, but on the other, he knew he would be eaten afterwards. So he asked the tiger, "How can I set you free knowing that you will definitely eat me then?"

The tiger told, "I swear in the name of god, I will not attack the person who saved my life." The simple priest trusted the tiger's words and set him free.

However, the tiger was stuck in the trap for many days, and was very hungry. He could not resist the sight of a warm meal in fornt of him and forgot his vow. He said, "You foolish person, how could you trust a hungry predator? I'm hungry and be ready for being my meal."

The priest realized his mistake, and thought of a way to prolong the tiger. Asking the tiger to be reasonable was pointless. So he said, "Let's ask the tree about your decision to eat me." The tiger agreed and both said their versions of the story to the tree. The tree promptly took the tiger's side and said, "The humans are dishonest. I provide them with air, food and shelter, and they cut me to pieces and burn me. I think you should eat the human."

The priest was worried, and then said again, "You really should not eat me when I just rescued you. Let's ask the donkey there what he thinks." Without a second thought, the donkey agreed with the tiger and said he didn't trust the human. They used him as much when he was young and left him alone when he got old.

The priest then thought the end was near when he saw a fox coming towards them. So he asked the fox to give his opinion, and told him all the story. The clever fox then said, "You must be joking, how could the king of the forest be trapped in a cage?" The tiger shyly said that it was true. The fox said again, "I can't believe it unless I see it myself."

So they all went to the cage and the fox said he didn't beieve that the tiger could fit in a cage so small. The tiger angrily said that he was indeed trapped in that very cage. The fox asked to show it to him and only then would he believe him. The tiger stupidly jumped inside the cage and the fox slid the bolt in the lock.

The tiger was stunned and growled furiously. The fox looked at the man and said,"You are a learned man, you should have used your big brain against such a mindless creature." The priest thanked the fox for saving his life and praised his cleverness.


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