Classification of Computer

Subject: Computer Science

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Classification of computer on the basis of working principle, brand and size. Mobile Computing


On the Basis of Brand

IBM is the largest computer manufacturing company establishing in 1924 in the USA. IBM PCs are more reliable, durable and have better quality but costly. Learn More

Mobile Computing and Speed Measurement

Mobile computing has three aspects: mobile communication, mobile hardware and mobile software. This note provide information about mobile computing and its characteristics. It has also described about the speed measurement and the units used in mobile computing. Learn More

On the basis of Working Principle

This note is about the classification of a computer on the basis of the working principle. Here, we can find the types of computer i.e analog computer, digital computer, and hybrid computer and their working principle with their characteristics. It also contains the differences between analog computer and hybrid computer.

Learn More

On the Basis of Size

This note provides description about the different types of computer on the basis of size in modern society. The types of computer are: Super Computer, Mainframe Computer, Mini Computer and Micro Computer. Learn More

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