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Concept of Computer Architecture and Organization, Components of Computer System, Microprocessor, Concept of System Buses, Memory and Stogare Device, Input Devices , Output Devices and Interfaces, Software and Classification: System software, Application software including Utilities Software, Computer Virus and Antivirus


Components of Computer System: Input, output, Processor and Storage

This note contain about the component of computer system and their function. It also contain the different unit that work together to perform the given task. It also describes about the different components of the computer that helps in storage, processing and providing the desired results to the users. Learn More


This note describes the different types of memory units and the features of those types. Memory is the part of the computer system that is used to store data or instruction temporarily and permanently. The memory can be assumed as the set of boxes, the boxes are numbered from zero upwards so that each box can be identified and data can be located. Learn More


Microprocessor is an entire CPU built on a single chip. To elaborate. It is a computer processor which embodies the functions of a CPU on a single IC or at most a few Integrated Circuits. A microprocessor consists of three components; Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit and Register array/ Memory unit. CPU has two memories; Read Only Memory (ROM) and Random Access Memory (RAM). Learn More

Input Devices

The devices that are used to receive the data and instructions are called input devices. These devices are used to input program and data to the computer. These are the parts through which instructions or data are given to a computer for processing purpose. For ex: keyboard, mouse, scanner, MICR, Touch screen, etc. Learn More

Concept of Computer Architecture and Organization

In computer fields, computer architecture is a set of rules and ways that explain the functionality, organization, and implementation of computer systems. The design, arrangement , construction or organization of the different parts of a computer system is known as Computer Architecture. It is the conceptual design and fundamental operational structure of a computer system. Computer architecture and organization describe the capabilities and programming model of a computer but not a particular implementation. Learn More


This note has made clear about the meaning of interface, its types and different types of ports and its functions. A place where data can pass into or out of a central processing unit, computer, or peripheral is called port. A special piece of circuitry that is fitted inside a computer and sits between the computer and the port is called interface. The purpose of an interface is to provide a compatible connection between computer and port where the peripheral devices are connected. Learn More

Software and Classification

Computer software is considered to be the heart of computer systems. There are 2 types of computer software: System software and Application software. System software is designed to provide a platform to run application software and operate the computer hardware. Computer viruses are the programs or malware which are loaded onto your computer by ‘mean’ people, without your knowledge. These viruses replicate relentlessly and infect computer programs. An antivirus is a computer software designed to scan, detect and remove viruses and malicious software from computers. Learn More

Concept of system bus

A bus is a collection of wires, chips and slots inside the computer through which data are transmitted from one part of a computer to another from peripheral devices. This note contains the different types of bus and the function of buses in a computer system. Learn More

Output Devices

This note is about output device used with the computer. This note shows the work of every single output device. Learn More

Memory (i)

This note is about secondary memory used in computer system along with their advantages and disadvantages while using it . Learn More

Memory (ii)

This note is about the secondary and portable memory used by the computer. IT shows the detail about the types of optical disk with their characteristics. Learn More

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