Internet and Email

Subject: Computer Science

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Introduction of Internet, Uses and misuses of Internet, Concept of Protocols, Web Browser, Web Page, Website, Web Server, URL, DNS, Search engine and Messenger Services, Setting Browser Properties, Setup Network Connection, Concept of Email, Uses of Email, Advantages of E- mail, Different types of E-mail Account, Web Based E- mail Account


E-mail (Electronic Mail)

This note helps to make clear about the concept of email an its different types. Electronic mail (email) is a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more persons. Email operates across the Internet or other computer networks. Many people sign up for internet services just so that they can send and receive e-mail messages. It is probably the most used feature of the web. Learn More


This note helps to make clear about the concept of internet and its different uses and its advantages and disadvantages. Internet is a network of networks. Millions of computer all over the world are connected through the Internet. Computer users on the internet can contact with one another anywhere in the world. Uses and advantages of internet File transferring facility. 1.Reach to the world wide viewers. 2.Effective, easier, faster and cheaper promotion of product or service. Misuses and disadvantages of internet 1.Stealing, modifying or destructing data. 2.Piracy of software, audio, video or other intellectual contents. Learn More

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