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Introduction, role, functions of operating Systems, Types of operating Systems: Based on Processing Method, Based on User Interface, Based on Mode of User, Disk Operating System: Introduction to CUI and its features, Wild cards and Pathname, System files: Config.sys, IO.sys, MSDOS.sys, autoexec.bat, wild card and pathname, Common DOS commands (external and internal commands), Concept of File and directory, Windows Operating System: Introduction to GUI and its feature, Customizing the Windows, Taskbar and Desktop, Use of Accessories, Working of Windows Operating System: Working with a Windows Environment, Working with a Windows Application Program, Working with files and folders, Concept of Open Sources Operating System: Introduction to Open Sources Operating System, Introduction to Linux, UNIX


Disk Operating System (DOS)

This note contains infomation about DOS operating system with its feature. It also contain CUI interface and its character along with internal and external DOS command. At last, we can see the types of system file which are necessary in any OS. Learn More

Types of Operating Systems

An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.Operating System can be classified into different categories. This note contains types of operating system as it is classified into different categories like based on processing methods (multi-programming, multi-processing and multi-tasking) and user interface. Learn More

Common DOS Commands

Disk Operating System is a set of control programs which manages the computer’s resources and creates a well-defined software environment for applications. It is an operating system which controls the computer hardware. Word perfect, LOTUS, dBase, TURBO C/C++, etc are some software which runs under DOS. Learn More

Working on Windows Operating System

Working of Windows Operating System deals with the basic knowledge of computer customization with Windows Environment, Application program, Files and Folders and some general shortcut keyboard keys too. Learn More

Introduction, role and function of operating system

This note contains the roles and functions of operating system. An operating system is an integrated set of programs that controls the resources (the CPU, memory, I/O devices etc.) of the computer system. It provides an interface to its users, which is more convenient to use than the bare machine. Learn More

Windows Operating System

This note contain the concept and feature of GUI and also the customizing desktop, create shortcut as well as delete shortcut and also the use of accessories. Learn More

Open Source Operating System

Open source is a methodology or approach towards the design and development of software with the intention of giving the user access to the source. If we use open source software, not only we will be able to use it, we will also be able to see how it works, debug it, modify it and redistribute it. Learn More

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