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Capacitance of a Capacitor

The capacitance of a capacitor is numerically equal with the charge raise the potential difference between the plates of the capacitor by 1 volt. This note provides us an information on capacitance of a capacitor Learn More

Principle and Combination of Capacitor

This provides us an information on principle and combination of capacitor. Learn More

Energy Stored in a Charged Capacitor, Energy Density and Loss of Energy due to Joining of Capacitor

In order to charge a capacitor certain work is done against the electrostatic force of repulsion, This work done is stored in the form of electric energy of the capacitor. This note provides us an information on energy stored in a charged capacitor, energy density and loss of energy due to joining of Capacitor. Learn More

Charging and Discharging Capacitor

A capacitor is always charged through a resistance in order to control the flow of electric charge. This note provides us an information on charging and discharging capacitor. Learn More

Sharing of Charges between two Capacitors and Dielectric

Capacitors are used in oscillators, in filter circuits, time delay device and many other electronic devices. This note provide us an information on sharing of charges between two capacitors and dielectric constant. Learn More

Dielectrics and Molecular Theory of Induced Charges

A material which cannot conduct electric current but can transmit electric field is called dielectric. This note provides an information on dielectrics and molecular theory of induced charges Learn More

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