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Terms related to elasticity

This note provide us an information on deforming force elasticity ,plastic body ,stress ,strain ,of a solid . 1,The external force which changes the shape and size of the body is defined as the deforming force. 2, The body which can regain its original shape and size after the removal of deforming force is known as deforming force is known as elastic body. 3, force developed per unit area of the body is known as stress Learn More

Strain and hooke's Law

When deforming force is applied on the body, the configuration of the body changes .The change in configuration to the original configuration is known as strain. This note provides us an information on Strain and hook's Law

Learn More

Modulus of Elasticity

This note provides an information on the modulus of elasticity which are Young's modulus, Bulk modulus, and Shear modulus. some matters are Ductile and some matter is Brittle and some matters are Elastomers . Learn More

Interatomic and Inter molecular Forces and Elastic behaviour of Solid

This note provides us with an information on interatomic and intermolecular forces and elastic behaviour of solid. Elasticity is a property of matter due to which it regains its original configuration when the deforming force is removed. All the three states of matter i.e. solid, liquid and gas exhibit elasticity. If the object perfectly regains its original shape and size after removal of a deforming force, it is said to possess perfect elasticity. If it does not end its original configuration after removal of deforming force, it is said to have perfect plasticity Learn More

Energy stored in a Stretched Wire, Poisson's Ratio and Elastic after Effect

In order to stretch a wire, certain work must be done against restoring force. This work done is stored in the form of potential energy (U) of the stretched wire. this note provides an information on energy stored in a stretched wire, Poisson's ratio and elastic after effect. Learn More

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