Electrostatic Force, Field and Potential

Subject: Physics

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Electric Field Intensity and Electric Flux

This note provides us an information about electric field intensity and electric flux Coloumb's law states that "the force of attraction or repulsion between two charges is directly proportional to the product of charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them." This note provides us an information on electric field intensity and electric flux. Learn More

Gauss's Law and it's Application

Gauss's theorem is useful for determining the electric field intensity produced by a charged conductor. This note provide us an information on Gauss's law and it's application. Learn More

Electric potential

The physical quantity that drives electric charge in an electric field is called electric potential. This note provides us an infomation about electric potential. Learn More

Relation between Electric Intensity and Potential Gradient, Action of Electric field on a Charged Particle and Equipotential

The change of electric potential with respect to distance is called potential gradient. It is denoted by dv/dx. This note provides us an information on relation between electric intensity and potential gradient, action of electric field on a charged particle and equipotential. Learn More

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