First Law of Thermodynamics

Subject: Physics

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Thermodynamic System and Work Done

Thermodynamics is the branch of science which deals with the measurement of transformation if heat into mechanical work. A thermodynamic system may be the isolated or closed system . work done is different in different process . This not provides us an information on the thermodynamic system and work done. Learn More

Internal Energy, First Law of Thermodynamics and Specific Heat Capacities of a Gas

This note provides us an information on thermodynamics and specific heat capacities of a gas.specific heat capacity of the gas is defined in two terms , in constant pressure, and in the constant volume .This note compares the specific capacity of the gas at constant pressure and specific capacity of the gas at constant volume . Learn More

Thermodynamic Processes

This note provides us an information on thermodynamic processesA process is said to be the thermodynamic process if there is a change in the thermodynamic parameter with respect to time. They are Isothermal Process Adiabatic Process Isochoric Process Isobaric Process Learn More

Isochoric, Isobaric, Reversible and Irreversible Process

If a substance undergoes a process in which the volume remains constant, the process is called isochoric process. This note provides an information on isochoric, isobaric, reversible and irreversible process. Learn More

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