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Concept, Principles, Importance of Organizing as a Management Function, Organizing process. Organizational Structure. Meaning of Departmentation and method. Authority, Responsibilty and Accountability.


Concept and Principle of Organizing

Organizing is a process of identifying activities and resources, grouping them on the basis of nature, forming structure, assigning the job, providing rights and duties and establishing the relationship between them. It is the process of forming organizational structure and technology. It is aimed at achieving the organizational objective.

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Organizing Process, Structure and Its Importance as Management

Organizational structure is the network of authority and responsibility to the member. It is the mechanism that highlights position, department, and level of management. The structure is selected according to its requirements.

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Departmentation, Authority, Responsibility and Accountability

Departmentation is the process to identify and group the task into jobs, jobs into effective works and works into departments. It is the process of grouping related activities into different units. Departmentation further is the process of arranging, dividing and analyzing the activities in such a way so that they will be managed properly. It is the way of dividing the long and complex organization into smaller administrative units.

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Principle and Barriers of Delegation of Authority

The term 'delegation', refers to the process by which a superior gives a subordinate the authority to do a particular task. The authority is shared among subordinates for the purpose of effective management through 'Delegation'.

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Concept, needs and factor affecting decentralization

Decentralization of authority means, dispersion of authority from top executive to the low-level administrator or it may be geographical dispersion of authority from center to many branches. Decentralization is the systematic and consistent delegation of authority to the level where the work is performed.

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