Sandwich and its Types

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Here we present a practical definition of sandwich; sandwich can be defined as two or more slices of bread with fillings such as meat poultry, seafood, vegetables or dairy products in a balanced structure.
Sandwich and its Types

Introduction to Sandwich

If you are in rush and famished, go to the restaurant and ask for a sandwich. You perhaps order to make it filled with your choice or filling. Sandwich is getting fame as someone can get all of his/her picks or taste tucked between the slices of bread. They are dry and light food items which are popular as fast food meal. It is a versatile and nutritious meal. It is of various types of bread slices, fillings, and toppings in it. (garnish).Here we present a practical definition of sandwich; sandwich can be defined as two or more slices of bread with fillings such as meat poultry, seafood, vegetables or dairy products in a balanced structure. It can be served as Ala'carte order, during lunch and dinner as snacks, during meal, in high tea and afternoon tea , etc

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Brief story of Sandwich

Originally the term sandwich was applied to a thin slice of meat between the slices of bread and butter. Sandwich was first introduced around the 18th century and all credit goes to Mr. Earl sandwich who was a gambler. it is said that the credit of inventing a sandwich goes to a famous gambler named Mr. Earl Sandwich. An assertive history of sandwich says that the cooks at the beef steak restaurant in London invented the first sandwich. John Montague (1718-1792), the fourth Earl of Sandwich, used to the gambler in that restaurant. It is believed that he ordered his valet to bring him a meat tucked piece of bread so that he would be able to eat and play at a time. Today, billions of sandwich varieties are after his legacy.

Sandwiches are best accompanied by barbecue sauce, tomato ketchup, deep fried potatoes or salad. The bread used for the preparation of sandwich are ; white bread, brown bread or French bread, ciabatta bread, baguette bread etc.

Health benefits of Sandwich

Grain foods which are present in the sandwich are a vital source of carbohydrates, which provides energy. The fiber in the whole grain prevents cancer. Vitamin B, niacin, thiamine, folic acid and riboflavin can help to prevent memory loss, increase intake of grain-based food help to replenish serotonin level and increase the body conforming response.

Sandwich are divided into four parts and they are:

  1. Base:Various types of bread slices or bread rolls are which acts as an underline.
  2. Spreading:It is applied in bread slices to make it moist, sticky, eg mayonnaise, butter etc
  3. Body:It is the combination of different fillings like mayonnaise, meat, cheese, etc.
  4. Garnish:It is the agent which adds eye appeals and enhances the presentation of food. For example cherry, olive, tomato, carrot etc.

Types of Sandwich

There are mainly three types of sandwich and they are categorized according to their substantial look and ambiance. They are:

  1. Open sandwich
  2. Closed sandwich
  3. Cooked sandwich

1. Open Sandwich


The filling is presented and decorated in as single slice of bread. Open sandwiches are complicated as they need a high degree of balance while adjusting filling and cutting in some fancy shapes.

2. Closed Sandwich


Fillings in this types of sandwiches are presented between two or more slices of bread. Trimming and cutting are important aspects while preparing this type of sandwich. The types of number of fillings are determined the way it is cut and served,

3. Cooked Sandwich

Another important sandwich is cooked sandwich. This type of sandwich is either grilled or toasted.

  • Toasted Sandwich
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Bread toast of two or three-deckers, either closed or open are laid up with its required filings after the butter is toasted. Butter should be spread on the top or between the slices of bread and should be warmed in a salamander or on a hot plate before laying up its fillings into them. They are cut and shaped in the even sizes and served either open or closed with a correct accompaniment. It is served with a correct accompaniment such as with French fry, chips, wafers etc and other garnishes. Sauces like tomato ketchup may be served in a separate bowl along with them.

  • Grilled Sandwich

Bread of two or three-deckers, either closed or open are laid up on the top or between the slices spreading butter. They are grilled in an oven, hot plate or grillers till brown without burning them. Sauce may be served in a separate bowl along with them. The grilled sandwich can be best accompanied by salad as it is hot and garnished attractively. It is served with a French fry, wafer, chips and tomato ketchup.

Some examples of plain, toasted and grilled sandwich

  • Vegetable sandwich
  • Chicken sandwich
  • Salmon sandwich
  • Asparagus sandwich
  • Chicken and ham sandwich
  • Club sandwich
  • Fish sandwich
  • Mutton sandwich
  • Prawn sandwich
  • Fish sandwich or shellfish sandwich, etc

Varieties of sandwich

Some of the varieties of sandwiches are as follow:

  • Sandwich cake

The loaf is cut into round circle and fillings are presented between round slices as to have a look like a cake.

  • Sandwich loaf

Then filling is presented between two or three rectangular slices decorated as sandwich cake and sliced the bread and served.

  • Sandwich ribbons

Generally prepared by using two colored bread (brown or white) the fillings are presented in a well-balanced manner. It is cut into stripes and then served.

  • Pinwheel

Bread slices are trimmed and flattened, the spread is applied along with, filling are presented and the loaf is rolled up and chilled. It is cut into slices and served.

  • Double decker or club sandwich

Two types of fillings are presented between three slices of buttered bread. The whole structure is balanced, trimmed and held together with a cocktail stick and given a perfect decoration.

Filling Sandwiches

Fillings are varied but they must have a nutritive balance and complete color contrast. Some of its examples are as follow:

  • Fish smoked Bismarck, smoked herring, smoked salmon
  • Meat Roast beef slices, roast turkey lamb roast, pork roast, ham, poultry
  • Salad items tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, onions and beef roots
  • Cheese cottage, cream, cheddar, Swiss, etc
  • Eggs hard-boiled and sliced eggs, omelets

Savoury sandwich spread

  • Lemon spread

225 grams of butter, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 table spoon of fish paste (in case of fish sandwich)

  • Onion spread

225 grams of butter, 2 spoons of onion juice, 1 spoon of cold water

  • Olive mouse

225 grams of butter, 1/3 cup of mashed sardine, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

  • Sardine

a spoon of lemon juice.

  • Mayonnaise

250 milliliters of olive oil, 2 number of egg yolk, 2 teaspoons of vinegar, a ½ tablespoon of mustard powder. These are ingredients of mayonnaise see the recipes for making mayonnaise sauce and spread it in the sandwich with its fillings.

  • French mustard

Mustard paste, salt, and pepper

Combination of fillings used in sandwich

  • Cheese and hang
  • Apple and chutney
  • Tuna and cucumber
  • Roast beef and coleslaw
  • Carrot and tomato
  • Ham and onion
  • Pork and pineapple
  • Fish and lettuce


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Things to remember

Sandwich can be divided into four parts

  1. Base
  2. Spreading
  3. Body
  4. Garnish

There are mainly three types of sandwich

  1. Opened Sandwich
  2. Closed Sandwich
  3. Cooked Sandwich

Some of the varieties  sandwiches are

  1. Sandwich loaf
  2. Sandwich ribbons
  3. Pinwheel
  4. Double decker or club sandwich



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