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Subject: Social Studies and Population Education

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  • Notes 7
  • Videos 18
  • Exercises 52
  • Practice Test 42
  • Skill Level Medium


After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Define the status of employment in Nepal.
  • Explaine about the importance of foreign trade.
  • Discuss about the fiscal plan of Nepal.
  • Describe about currency and its importance.
  • Describe about tourist and tourism industry in Nepal.
  • Explain the meaning of bank and its role and importance.
  • Wtire about Price Fixation and Inflation.


Tourism Industry

Those people who travel or visit different places for different purposes are called tourists. Tourism is the business activity related to the services provided for tourists during their stay in a place. This note has information about the tourism industry, its problems and its solution. Learn More

Foreign Trade

Trade is the act of buying and selling of goods between two parties with a view to earning a profit. This note has information about the foreign trade. Learn More


Bank is a financial institution that deals with monetary business by accepting deposits, granting loan, transferring money, for the economic development of a nation. This note has information about banking. Learn More


A system of money in common use especially in a nation is called currency. This note has information about the currency. Learn More

Price Fixation and Inflation

The price of an object depends upon the nature of the market. If the manufacturer has monopoly power in the market then manufacturer himself decides the price of the goods. this note has information about the price fixation and inflation. Learn More

Status of Employment in Nepal

The state of having paid work is called employment. People get cash as their salary or wages for their work. This note has information about the status of employment in Nepal. Learn More

Fiscal Plan

The first five year plan named Papatileka was implemented by USSR in 1928 A.D. setting record in the world history. This note provides a brief introduction on fiscal plan. Learn More

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