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Environment and its Balance


Natural Resources and Protected Areas for Conservation of Natural Resources in Nepal

Natural resources are the useful raw materials that are used by humans and other living organisms. Natural resources consist both living and non- living things. Natural resources have been exploited by human activities continuously. Therefore, for the protection of natural resources, various protected areas are established like national parks, conservation areas, hunting reserves etc. A national park is a protected area established for the conservation and management of natural environment including wild animals, plants, and landscapes together with their utilization. In this note, we can know briefly about the ten national parks of Nepal.

Wildlife Reserve and Conservation Area of Nepal

A separate reserved area for protection and proper management of endangered wildlife is called wildlife Reserve whereas hunting reserve is the reserved area established for licensed hunting. This note provides information about Wildlife Reserve, Hunting Reserve and Conservation area of Nepal.

Water Resources

There are different water resources like rivers, lakes, wetlands, watersheds, fountains, streams etc. This note provides information about water resources, watershed, and wetlands.

Elements of Environment

Our environment consists of both living and non- living things. Abiotic components include soil, air, water, sunlight and biotic components includes animals and plants. Human beings modify environment as per their need. This note provides information about different elements of the environment.