Notes on lesson on Religion and Religious Tolerance |

Religion and Religious Tolerance


Common Norms and Values of Different Religions

Religion is essence of everyone's life where forgiving and tolerance are fundamental values of all religions. Views may be different regarding religion but the common values and norms are common for all and inspires all to improve for making life happy and prosperous through contributing for mankind.

Simple Living High Thinking

People who limits theirs desires and satisfy themselves in what they have in recent are found to be more happy than that of the people who runs after things they don’t have and keep worrying about the things they lack. Virtual happiness is within the materialistic achievement which expires with the short period of time but real happiness lies within the satisfaction of person itself. Wealth never can attain the permanent happiness whreas happiness for lifelong can be achieved through limiting the desires and contentment.

Importance of Religion

Religion is convinced with the ideology of truth and being moral. If a person lies and upholds no truth then he goes against rules, regulations and obligations of religion. Religion is guided by morality hence when violence takes place there’s no religion. This note has information about religion.