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International Trade

Concept and importance balance of trade and balance of payment. Free trade and protectionism. Ricardian comparative cost theory of international trade. General introduction to WTO and SAFTA



This note contains about WTO and SAFTA. History of WTO. It principles, a function and objective. Achievement of Nepal after being member of WTO

International Trade

This note contains about international trade and its importance, advantages and disadvantages and differences between BOT & BOP.

Trade Protectionism and Free Trade

Free trade is a policy of freedom in trade. Free trade is the process where the goods and services are traded freely without any restriction.

Balance of Trade and Payment and Cost Theory of International Trade

The difference between a value of export and imports of a country in a fiscal year is known as Balance of Trade. It is also known as “trade balance” or “international trade balance.” It is the largest component of the country’s Balance of Payment.