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Our Economic Activities


Introduction to Our Economic Activities

The activities which are done to earn income or money is known as economic activities. Economic activities may be different from person to person some may involve in farming, the other may involve in industry, business, trade, agriculture and so on. All these activities are the main source of income of our country.This note gives the information about the agriculture, aminal husbandry, industry, trade and overall economic activities of Nepal.

Agricultural Activities of Nepal

Nepal is developing the country with an agricultural economy. The main occupation of Nepal is agriculture. The process of producing foods, vegetable, crops by cultivating land is known as agriculture. About 80% of people are involved in agriculture as their occupation. Agriculture is the base of the Nepalese people and also for Nepal. This note gives the information about the Agricultural Activities of Nepal.

Present State of Agriculture in Nepal

Nepal is an agro-base country. 80% of Nepalese people are engaged in agriculture. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people living in Nepal. So, Nepal is known as an agricultural country. This note gives the information about the importance, present and past status of agriculture in Nepal.

Service as an Important Economic Activity

This note gives the information all about the services and diffirent sectors offices which are providing job oppourtunities to a people which helps to run their life.

Present State Of Service Sectors And Its Importance

Services sectors is an important part of the economy. In the present time, it is the main sources of income of the people living on this earth. Most of the people in developed country are involved in services. This note gives the information about the Present State of Service Sector in Nepal and Importance of Service Sector of the Nepal.