International Strategic Management

Strategy and opportunity assessment; Role of strategy in international business; Estimating market potential; Choosing a strategy; Entering and operating in international markets – exporting and importing, collaborative ventures and strategic alliances, licensing, franchising; Global outsourcing; MNCs and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the world economy – concept, types and trends.


Foreign direct investment -Types, Nature, Objectives, Advantage, Theories and Growth

Thus, foreign direct investment is directly made investment in order to produce or to market the product in the foreign countries. Foreign direct investment inflows are considered as channels of entrepreneurship, technology, management skills and other resources in the developing countries. Foreign direct investment helps their host countries in their industrialization sector.

Strategy, Strategic Management, Levels of Strategy and Opportunity Assessment

Strategy is a future long term planning of an organization that puts the goal into the real action. Strategy is needed for all level of the organization. It must be in any organization for the success, Otherwise, organization will be collapsed from the business environment.