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Government Accounting

Government Accounting, Government accounting system, Principles of Government accounting System, General journal voucher, Bank cash book, Budget sheet, Ledger account, Petty cash book and Expenditure report


Budget Sheet

Budget sheet is one of the various statements maintained by offices of Government of Nepal. It is also known as budget ledger. A budget sheet is the statement of annual appropriation, budget release and budget expenditures.

Petty Cash Book

The accounting system has a provision create a separate fund to meet to meet day to day small expenses which is known as Petty Cash Fund. Petty cash fund is the fund that is established to pay for petty expenses. The petty cashier is appointed for making small payments and recording those payments.

Expenditure Report

Statement of affairs is reports of books of account maintained and prepared by the operating level office and submit it to its corresponding central level office on a regular basis. It is seven columns self-balancing monthly report of operating level office.