Notes on lesson on Adolescence. Sexual and Reproductive Health |

Adolescence. Sexual and Reproductive Health

After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Explain the types of changes during adolescence.
  • Define needs, demands, problems of adolescence.
  • Describe the mainstreaming of sex education at national and international level.
  • Describe the parts of  male  and female reproduction system.
  • Discuss about  menstruation and its' cycle.
  • Define the concept of Safe Motherhood.
  • Define the concept of child Nutrition.



Adolescence is the age range ten to nineteen years. Adolescence is marked with physical, social and emotional changes. This note provides us the information about introduction on adolescence and different types of changes that occurs in this period.

Needs and Demands of Adolescence

Adolescence It is a transitional period from childhood to adulthood. Adolescents expect parents to recognize their ideas by giving adequate time for them. This note has more information about needs and demands of adolescence.

Problems of Adolescence

Adolescence is the age of storm and stress. his is the age when the individual suddenly enters a new situation. This note describe the information about The problems of adolescence.

Management of the Problems of Adolescent

The problems of adolescence should be managed and addressed on time. The problems of adolescence, if not managed, affect our society and the country as a whole. This note provides us the information about measures to solve the adolescent problems.

Sex Education

Sex education imparts the knowledge and attitude of reproductive process and the reality about human sex education to the young people. This note provides us the information with the information about sex education.

Introduction and Concept of Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is a condition when women and men enjoy a satisfying and safe sex and the capacity to reproduce offspring and the freedom to decide if, when and how often to do sex. This note introduces the concept of reproductive health along with its aspects.

Male Reproduction System

The male reproductive system consists of many organs. Some of these organs are testes, vas deference, seminal vecicles, penis. This note provides further information with the information about reproductive system.

Menstruation and Sex and Reproductive Right

The process of flow of blood, along with unfertilized eggs through the vagina every month during their fertility period is called menstruation. Reproductive process is a natural and biological phenomenon. But, it needs to be safe, protective and pro-motive for healthy living. The means and measures adopted for safe, protective and healthy reproductive are mentioned as sex and reproductive rights.This note provide us the information with the information about menstruation and factors to be considered during menstruation and sex and reproductive health.