Materials Needed:

  • Eureka can
  • Beaker
  • Top Pan Balance
  • Dry Wooden Block
  • Water
  • Tripod Stand


  1. An overflow can is kept over a top pan balance.
  2. The can is filled with water up to its spout and an empty beaker is kept below the spout of the can.
  3. The weight of water with overflow can [Eureka can] is noted.
  4. Now, a dry wooden block is kept in the water of the can.


The water is displaced into the beaker but the top pan balance does not show any change. It proves that the weight of the displaced water is equal to the weight of the block. It verifies the law of floatation.

Law of flotation is a special condition of Archimedes' principle which states that the weight of a floating body is equal to the weight of the displaced body, i.e. weight of floating body = weight of displaced fluid.