The causes of climate change and global warming are as follows:

  • Green house gases and their sources.
  • Volcanic eruption.
  • Increase of carbon dioxide emission.
  • Depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere.
  • Rapid population growth.
  • Rising of sea level.

Climate change can be controlled by following measures:

  • Reduction of consumption of fossils fuels such as petroleum and coal.
  • Increasing forests or afforestation in the country.
  • Conducting public awareness programs.
  • Use of bio-gas plants.

The adverse effects of climate change are as follow:

  • Rising of sea-level which can drown coastal areas.
  • Imbalance in natural biodiversity
  • Change in weather pattern and climatic temperature of the world.




The period of rapid warming brought on by rising levels of heat-trapping gases is known as global warming.

Weather, glacial ice, sea levels, agriculture, wildlife and human health suffer the adverse effects of climate change.

The two measures of controlling change are as follows:

Reduction of greenhouse gases likes carbon dioxide and methane.

Afforestation and control over deforestation.

Biodiversity means the sum of all the variations of nature.

The two measurable effects of climate change are:

  • Icecaps has started to melt.
  • Sea-level is rising which can drown coastal areas.