The economic activities that my family members are involved in  are as follow: 

  • Agriculture
  • Private Offices
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Government Offices


No, I don't want to go other countries for a job because our country is underdeveloped country. So, we Nepalese should work in our own country to develop the nation. We should not go other countries to make them forward instead we should work hard in our country to make it forward and developed.

The activities which are done to earn income or money is known as economic activities. The three main areas of economic activity in Nepal are as follow: 

  • Agriculture 
  • Industry 
  • Trade

The people living in mountain region are engaged in animal rearing because they used animals as their means of transportation and they get fur, ghee, milk, meat, etc from animals to run their daily life.

I would like to involve in tourism sector because in the context of Nepal it is one of the best economic activities to run the livelihood and also the nation. In our country, there are lots of natural beauties so tourism is best economic activities to earn income and protect and promote the natural environment along with a nation.

The activities and organizations involved in providing services for people or tourist are known as the tourism industry. The tourism industry is very important because it helps to protect and the promote the nation as well as natural beauties. It also provides lots of employment opportunities for the jobless people and also helps to increase the per capita income of the nation.