The causes of air pollution are as follow;

  1. The dust particles and harmful materials blown out by the wind gets mixed in the air,
  2. Natural gases that come from inside the earth's surface,
  3. Harmful gases released from different factories, industries, and vehicles,
  4. Gases that comes from burnt materials,
  5. Gases that comes from rotten and decayed materials,
  6. Poisonous gases spread out in the fields, room and house.

The procedures that could be adopted to manage the waste materials are:


One reason for causing difficulty in the management of waste materials is the unnecessary creation of waste. To classify the waste materials into compost, degradable, recyclable waste etc. The waste could be given to KABBADI as well to reduce the waste materials.


To change a substance either by softening or melting is called recycling. The scrap papers of copies from school and home, pieces of papers of wrappings of newspapers, papers from shopping and others could be reused in making new papers.


We can prevent a certain thing from being waste by reusing them. Nowadays beer, aerated drinks, and whiskey bottles are collected, cleaned and reused. This kind of solid things that can be collected in home and can be sold later or used in different propose

We can control noise pollution by following ways:

  1. Green belts should be where there is a high level of noises.
  2. The people who work in noisy places should use earplugs.
  3. Vehicles which produces loud noise should not operate near the cities.
  4. Windows and doors should be shut while at home.

The effects of noise pollution are as follows:

  1. Sitting in a noisy place for long period damages your hearing capacity,
  2. Imbalance in the production of hormones,
  3. Frustration, depression, hypertension etc.
  4. Unborn child may suffer disability,
  5. High-stress level and sleep disturbances.

We can prevent from air pollution by following ways:

  1. Forests should be conserved and greenery should be maintained.
  2. Waste materials should be disposed properly.
  3. Industrialization and urbanization should be well managed.
  4. Use of polluting vehicles should be controlled.