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Hello Users!! After the success of our first week scheme, we are here again with our new scheme, "ONLINE HOMEWORK" !!! This time we have doubled the prize but changed the system. This scheme is for schools and colleges of Nepal.Usually students use Internet for communication and entertainment. School administration is always in confusion on how to make students use Internet for learning. So, how to make students know the proper use of internet. Here's the answer. Ask each of your students to revise their daily lessons at as homework. Tell them to find mistakes in the Notes at Tell them to collect all the error reports and send them to with their school's name in the mail. The highest error reports from an individual school will be awarded 2 Telescopes worth $70 each. This scheme will last for 10 days.


Procedure for Participants

  1. Visit
  2. Select a subject you wish to check the notes.
  3. Select all the mistakes and take screenshots.
  4. Collect all in the mail and send it to


  1. Avoid sending same screenshots in new mails.
  2. Make sure you can see full URL in the screenshot. If not please give the subject and title of the note for each screenshot you send.


  1. Create multiple groups according to subjects in your classroom and send mail as a group.
  2. You yourself keep record of individual error you have collected, and notify your school.

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