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Applications of Computer

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Computer has played very important role in the sector of work. Without computer it is very difficult to perform our tasks. Large number of activities are dependent on computer in our daily life. They are used at homes, hospitals, schools etc.

The various application areas of computer are described below:

Banking and Financial company:

Computers are used in bank for electronic money transfer, voucher, ledger, bank sheet, etc. Different systems are used in Financial Company such as ATM (Automatic Telling Machine), EFTS (Electronic Fund Transfer System) etc which is computer based systems for customer services provided by banks.


Computer is a very effective tool which can be used for teaching and learning, result processing, student data processing, question preparation, handouts and note preparation, etc and also online education. Many universities provide online education through internet. The learning materials are packed in CD-ROM with interactive multimedia. The CAL (Computer Aided Learning), CAI (Computer Aided Instruction), multiple choice examination paper, result processing are done through internet.


Industrial research, budgeting, process control, all are computer based. The robotics are also computer based. Nowadays robots are used in complicated industrial process which is dangerous for human. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is used in manufacture sector to design model of electrical, electronics, mechanical models of machines and it is more popular among architect engineers also. CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) and CADMPT (Computer Aided Design, Process, Manufacture and Testing) are also more popular terms in industries.


Different types of entertainment fields such as multimedia, film making with animation, graphics, audio and visual design are done with the help of computer.


The research in health is done with the help of computer. It is applied to medicine, surgery and research. The multimedia kits for surgeon are also available to learn surgery on virtual patients. The concept of expert system is also introduced in computer system which is a computer program designed to operate at the level of expert in particular field.

Data processing:

All the types of data processing like as word, data, salary, income tax, database processing, etc are processed through computer,

Science and Engineering:

For every branch of engineering, computer is considered as a strong tool like civil, electrical and computer to aeronautic, ceramics, chemical, and leather technology. the study of electric circuit, motherboard, building models, machine designs and models are taught very effectively through computers.


Computers are used in small offices as well as large offices. It is used for preparing reports, storing/deleting reports, updating reports etc. Most of the offices use word processing package, spreadsheet package, graphics package, presentation package, database package etc.


Computers are used in the different fields of advertisement such as business advertisement, film advertisement, education advertisement etc.


E-mail, e-fax, internet, etc are computer based communications. The computer and Internet integration is the backbone of recent communication.


Computer software is used for management of library. It is used for keeping the records of book, updating book records, and records of books issued or submitted. The computerized system enables to know whether a given book is issued or not.

  • Some application fields of computer are: Education, Industries, Business, Entertainment, Hospitals, Data processing etc
  • Computer has played very important role in the sector of work in today's world

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