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Limitations of Computer

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Computer cannot operate without the instructions given by humans. It is programmed to work effectively, fast and accurately. Computer cannot think by itself and does not have common sense. It is totally dependent on humans.

Some of the limitations of computer are as follows:

No Self-Intelligence

Computer does not have intelligence of its own to complete the tasks. They give wrong output if the input given by humans are wrong. It works according to the instructions given to it by the user.

No Thinking and Decision Making Power

The computer cannot think itself. The concept of artificial intelligence shows that computer can think. But still this concept is dependent on set of instructions. It cannot take any decision. It can only perform the tasks that are instructed by the users.

No Feeling

Lack of feeling is another limitation of computer. A computer cannot feel like us. It does not have emotions, feelings, knowledge etc. It does not get tired and keep on doing its tasks. It can do very risky works which are not capable by human beings.

No Learning Power

Computer has no learning power. Computer cannot perform the tasks without instructions. It cannot read the same instructions time and again. Once the instructions is given it will work for one time. It can solve the problems but it cannot learn the problems. It can only work according to the instructions given.

  • Computer can do very complex and dangerous tasks but it does not have any intelligence of its own.
  • Lack of feeling is limitation of computer.
  • Computer cannot perform the tasks without instructions.

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