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Educational Value of Travelling

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Educational Value of Travelling

Travelling is one of the most delightful experiences of mankind. From time immemorial, travelling plays an important role to increase knowledge skills. In travelling, people visit different places of the world. Seeing importance of travelling a curriculum has enacted to highlight its importance.

In Nepal, unfortunately it is not so much encouraged. We don’t like sending child to different places and to increase knowledge because of our ignorance and poor economy. But in the history we read Araniko, Buddha travelled different places. It was because of travelling that Siddhartha became ‘Buddha’.

Travelling can be made both inside and outside the country. It is a very powerful means of knowledge. It provides experience and teaches us how to bring our knowledge in practical use. It helps to increase tact, firmness, increasing personality development and it helps in lively conversation to adjust oneself in different situation. It gives practical knowledge and enriches our knowledge with different experiences.

In absence of travelling even an educated person’s way of thinking, outlook cannot be broadened. The different art, architecture, life style, culture can be watched and experienced in travelling. It is undoubtedly source of knowledge, joy, pleasure and experiences. So, it is important for everyone.

To get theoretical knowledge in classroom can be boring. Historical places like; Hanuman Dhoka, Patan Durbar Square etc. should be visited. By the means of science and technology we can conserve different cultural heritages. Cultural and natural heritages are the sorces of travelling. People from distant parts visit one place to another to see, watch and to experience the beautiful creation of human beings and nature.

Finally, travelling is very important for all sectors of the people to increase knowledge and it is needed to encourage in our life.

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