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King Francis was a great lover of all kinds of sport; and one day he and his courtiers, nobles and ladies, sat watching wild savage lions fighting each other in the enclosures below. Amongst the courtiers sat Count de Lorge beside a beautiful and lovely lady of noble birth whom he loved and hoped to marry. The lions roared , and bit and tore each other with savage fury until the king said to his courtiers. " Gentlemen , we are better up than down here. " .

The lady hearing him thought she would show the king and his court how devoted her liver was to her ; so she dropped her glove down among the fighting lions and then looked at Count de Lorge and smiled at him. He bowed to her and leaped down among the savage lions without hesitation , recovered the glove, and climbed back to his place in a few moments. Then he threw the glove right at the lady's face.

King Francis cried out ," Well done! Well done! But it was not love that made your lady set you a dangerous thing todo but her vanity ! "

Questions and Answers

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i. The king and his courtiers were watching wild savage lions fighting each other.
ii. The king said to his courtiers " Gentlemen we are better up here than down there. "
iii . The lady dropped her glove among the fighting lions to show her love towards the king.



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