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  1. Abstain: away from alcoholic substance.
  2. Refrain: keep away from bad action
  3. Ability: power to do something physically or mentally
  4. Capacity: power to produce something
  5. Addicted: accustomed to bad things (drugs)
  6. Devoted: accustomed to good things
  7. Admit: recognize something as true
  8. Confess: admit doing wrong things
  9. Acknowledge: accept the truth
  10. Allow: permit to do something
  11. Permit: give permission for
  12. Ancient: opposite of modern
  13. Old: opposite of young
  14. Anger: wrath
  15. Resentment: feeling indignation
  16. Anticipate: guess
  17. Except: believe
  18. Anxious: worried
  19. Eager: curious
  20. Assent: express agreement
  21. Consent: give argument
  22. Astonishment: great surprise
  23. Surprise: feeling of sudden happiness
  24. Wonder: feel surprise
  25. Attain: achieve
  26. Acquire: gain by one’s ability
  27. Revenge: do something to get satisfaction for offence
  28. Begin: start
  29. Commence: formally begin
  30. Bravery: courageousness
  31. Courage: ability to control fear
  32. Valour: bravery in war
  33. Bank: edge of a river
  34. Beach: part of the shore that is smooth without rocks
  35. Coast: the land bordering sea
  36. Contagious: disease spread by contact
  37. Infectious: diseases spread by germs carried
  38. Custom: long established way of believing
  39. Costume: garment
  40. Habit: that is done regularly
  41. Delusion: a false opinion
  42. Illusion: a false idea
  43. Empty: containing nothing
  44. Vacant: empty but used for a place
  45. Sufficient: enough to meet needs
  46. Adequate: satisfactory in quantity
  47. Excuse: overtook a fault
  48. Forgive: stop blaming to punish
  49. Pardon: forgive for
  50. Illustrious: distinguished
  51. Notable: remarkable
  52. Noteel: well known
  53. Glance: look at something quickly
  54. Glimpse: see by a change for a moment
  55. Hear: perceive sound with ear
  56. Listen: pay attention to hear
  57. Ill: unwell
  58. Sick: physically unwell
  59. Ill- mannered: boorish
  60. Bully: threatening to others
  61. Calligraphy: beautiful handwriting
  62. Accede: accept in real sense
  63. Concede: without accepting but to agree

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