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Conditional Sentences

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Conditional sentences are statements discussing known factors or hypothetical situations and their consequences. These sentences use conditional construction and verb forms, which is called the conditional mood. Complete conditional sentences contain a conditional clause and the consequence.


  • If "if clause" is in the present tense, another clause is written in future tense or may, can or imperative sentences.
    \(\rightarrow\) If you want to get success, work honestly.
    \(\rightarrow\) If you work honestly, you can pass.

  • If "if clause" is in past tense, main clause or another clause written in past form. of can, may, could, would, should, might.
    \(\rightarrow\) If you read, you could pass your exam.
    \(\rightarrow\) If I were Maoist, I could shut down the gate of all the boarding schools.

  • If "if clause" is in past perfect in another clause we should use could have, should have + pp.
    \(\rightarrow\) If I had worked sincerely, I could have passed the exam.

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