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Causative Verb

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Causative structures indicate that one thing or person causes another thing or person to do something or be something.

Examples of causatives

  1. Have(give someone the responsibility to do something)
    I had John fix the car.
    I had my hair cut.
  2. Make(force someone to do something)
    The teacher made the students work in groups.
    Our boss made us work extra hours.
  3. Get(convince or trick someone into doing something)
    He got the mechanic to repair the machine.
    She got him to read more.
  4. Let (allow someone do something)
    Jane let her son go out.
    They let the children play in the yard.


  • Sub + have / get + NP+ PP
    Example: I get my shoes polished.
  • Sub + have + agent + infinitive
    Example: I have the teachers teach he students.
  • Sub + get + agent + to infinitive
    Example: I get teachers to teachthe students.
  • Sub + make + Np + adj / infinitive
    Example: I make thee teachers teach.

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Ram had his car.............(clean,cleaned, to clean)

What is the and of l have my shoe ...........(polish, polished , to polish)

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