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Places where things are made

  • Alcohol: distillery
  • Beverages: brewery
  • Bricks: kiln
  • Goods of all kinds: factory
  • Iron goods: smithy
  • Leather: tannery
  • Money: mint

Places where different games are played

  • Billiards: billiard table
  • Boxing: ring
  • Running: track/ course
  • Wrestling: arena
  • Skating: rink
  • Water polo: swimming pool

Places where things/ animals/ people are kept

  • Aeroplane: hanger
  • Exercise; gymnasium
  • Bees: apiary
  • Clothes: wardrobe
  • Dead body (buried): cemetery
  • Dead body (cremated): crematorium
  • Grapes (grown): vineyard
  • Ships (repaired): dock
  • Water: reservoir

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