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Connective tissue -1

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Connective tissue

Its s mesodermal in origin and have to bind along with supports body parts.
Cells are loosely arranged, i.e. the intercellular matrix is well developed,
Basement membrane is absent and contains nourished with the blood or lymph they are further of 3 major types:-

fig 1
connective tissue

Proper Connective tissue
a Loose or areolar connective tissue

fig 2
connective tissue

* its consists of 3 prominent types of cells Fibroblast cells,mast cells and macrophages.
* Mast cells secret heparin , histamine, and serotonin.
* histamine is vasodilators and lower Blood pressure.
* serotonin is vasoconstrictor and increases Blood pressure.
* the macrophages also know as clasmatocytes are phagocytic cells.
* the fibroblast cells produces white nad yellow fibres such cells are largest cells of an areolar tissue.
difference between white fibrous and yellow fibres.
Yellow fibrous white fibrous
-Elastin protein - these fibres are of collagen protein.
-branched fibers - unbranched fibres.
- solitary fibres are present -bundles are present.
- elasticity present - provide toughness.
B Dense or fibrous connective tissue

fibrous connective tissue

- its contains a large number of fibres of protein and are of following types :-
- 1 white fibrous connective tissue -consists of collagen fibres and provides strength or tightness to tissue.
examples are dura matter,scleroid coat of eyes renal capsules etc.
- 2 yellow fibrous connective tissue – present of elastin fibres and have the elasticity to tissues Eg wall of lungs and arteries.
- 3 Reticular fibrous connective tissue - the presence of reticular fibres which are branched highly Examples are lymphatic tissue such as spleens ,thymus, and bone marrows.

Specialized connective tissue

1 Adipose tissue

- it has closely packed cell called adipocytes containing fat globules.
- the intracellular matrix is negligible.
- these adipocytes are of further of 2 types ,named monolocular and multilocular where monolocular cells contains fats which are 20 times more energized than white fats.
and are know to be power or store house of white fats.
- it provides insulation to body- hearts.
- examples are the hump in camels,tail in merino sheep, blubber in whale and elephants and peniculus adipose in human.

fig 4
Adipose tissue

2 Mucous connective tissue
- in this types of tissue, the matrix is jelly like , semi-solid, called Wharton’s jelly examples Cock’s comb , virous humar, and umbilical cord.

skeletal connective tissue
- this tissue includes bone and cartilages.
Bones- outer covering contains white fibrous connective tissues called periosteum.
- bone-forming cells are called osteoblasts.
- proteins for bone is ossein.
- osteocytes help in the destruction of bones.
cartilages – outer covering in which white fibrous connective tissue of cartilage is perichondrium
- cartilage forming cells are chondroblasts.
- its protein is Chondrin.
- chondrocytes are scattered in various matrix.
Fluid connective tissue
they include blood and lump.
blood consists of plasma and blood elements knowns as WBC and RBC.


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  1. Its s mesodermal in origin and have binding along with supports body parts 
  2. its contains a large number of fibres of protein and are of following types 
  3. it has closely packed cell called adipocytes containing fat globules.
  4. Bones- outer covering cointains white firous connective tissues called periosteum

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