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Importance and Obstacles in People's Participation in Building Infrastructres

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People's Participation in Building Structures


A powerhouse was built with an INGO's assistance and people's voluntary contribution in Southern Baglung, where most of the people couldn't grow enough food to last a year. The local people wanted to see the water expelled out by the powerhouse. They formed a Water User Group. An irrigation scheme was using the local labor and material. In that scheme, richer people had to sell land to the group and landless people worked in the scheme, and could then buy some land and share in the water. A local manager and 25000 shares and members of the group own as many shares as they need. They can now grow crops all year round and earn money to pay off loans, pay for running of the scheme and contribute to improvements.

A group of ladies in Gorkha district learned to read. They collected money and bought a small collection of books. A small membership fee is charged so that the library can have more books and older books can be properly maintained. Books for fun and information are provided. A small group of volunteers issue books, organize finance and purchase more books.

In Patan, volunteers run community libraries with books for study, fun, and general information. They are in rooms where young people can study in the evening. A small membership fee is charged.



People's participation is very important in building infrastructures in Nepal. Vast resources like land, forest, water, minerals need to be exploited properly. Due to lack of capital, large-scale projects cannot be started easily. But governmental and non-governmental agencies can make the investment if people participate. Projects are successful and their sustainability is ensured when people participate in the constructions. The consumers think that the projects are theirs and for themselves so that they take better care of the same.


It is difficult to build developmental infrastructures in Nepal because:

  • Funding is difficult due to widespread poverty.
  • Capital cannot be generated inside the country due to the trend of excessive dependency on the external sources, grants, donations, and loans.
  • Projects are affected due to lack of technology and technically skilled manpower.
  • Constructions are damaged due to disasters like landslide and flood.
  • Corruptions and irregularities are common.
  • People are not aware of their responsibility and the need and importance of their participation.

  • People’s participation is very important in building infrastructures in Nepal.
  • Projects are better successful and their sustainability is ensured when people participate in the constructions.
  • Widespread poverty, excessive dependency on the external sources, lack of technology and technically skilled manpower, corruptions and irregularities, damage of constructions due to disasters, etc are the obstacles for developmental infrastructures in Nepal.

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A library is a good source of knowledge. A wide range of books are available there. Newspapers and magazines are about current affairs. Knowledge in every field can be obtained from a well stock library. The books are accessible and affordable for all. Using library is a method of continuing learning for many people. So the government should make this a priority .

A cooperative is a group of people who jointly own a business, run it and share benefits. Most Nepalese people lack capital for mobilizing their resources. But, when they are united in a cooperative, they can raise funding from their collective contribution. They can also get loan from financial institutions more easily. So it is the only method for poor people to create self-employment opportunities and raise their economic level. To mention the fact , cooperatives have been very active and popular in the country over the last 15 years.

Lack of capital Raise funding from internal and external sources, encourage public participation.
Lack of poor technology Prioritize science and technology.
Lack skilled manpowerGive training for the available jobs, encourage vocational and technical education.
Destruction by natural calamities Control floods and landslide through afforestation, embankment, etc.
CorruptionDevelop good governance, bring strong laws against power abuse.
Unaware citizens Raise awareness programme, make ordinary people responsible for development.

  • What is the full form of INGO?

    Internal Non- govermental organisation
    International Non-Goodness organisation
    International Non- govermental organisation
    India's Notorious Gang Organisation
  • Lexicographer

    compiles book
    compiles hand book
    compiles dictionary
    maintains library
  • Which one is not appropriate way to raise awareness?

  • What is the obstracle in developing infrastructure in Nepal?

    natural beauty
    lack of raw materials
    Lack of capital
  • One of the major obstacles to build infrastructure is

    Small scale project
    People's participation
    Lack of capital and manpower
  • People's participation can be developed by

    Giving membership
    Large scale projects
    Encouraging people with better opportunities
    Exploiting properties
  • What is not an obstacle in building developmental infrastructures?

    Lack of technology and skilled manpower
    Widespread poverty
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