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Hotel and Catering Establishment

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Concept of Hotel

It is regarded as commercial catering establishment that provides the facility of food and beverage along with accommodation and entertainment.British law has defined "hotel" or "inn" as the place where a bonafide traveler can receive food and shelter , provided if he is in a position to pay for it and in a fit condition to received it.


Origin and History of Hotel

The history of the hotel can be traced back centuries. It is perhaps one of the oldest commercial endeavors. The earliest hotels / inns were just large halls where travelers used to sleep on the floor along with the animals on which they traveled. This condition prevailed for long years until the mode of travel changed.

Gradually by the development of transport and roads, inns were efficient in their service sand simultaneously developed into hotels. With the beginning of the industrial revolution in England, travel for business started. Increasing to meet the need of these travelers, people started opening inns and catering establishment to provide lodging facilities to the travelers from different places.

The real development of hotel draws closer in the 18th century from European countries like Switzerland, France, and England. Around 1760, the establishment of the hotel called "garnish" became popular in Paris (France) which was a large house with a number of rooms available for rent. The chalet hotels in Switzerland means small cottages with an overhanging roof came into existence in the 18th century but the actual modern hotel started from America in 1794 A.D with the opening of "City hotel" in New York city.

In 1872, Delmonico Brothers who are an immigrant from Switzerland opened a pastry shop and café in New York City which proved to be better changing for the caters for that period an led to the opening of the 1st restaurant. A few years later, this encouraged other people to open different types of restaurant in different parts of the world.

In the context of Nepal, the concept of the hotel was developed just 50 years back with the introduction of a hotel like "Himalayan Inn" in new Road. "Hotel Nepal" in jawalakhel by Nara Shamsher and with the effort of Russian master chef Borris Lissanevitch "Royal Hotel" in kantipath, established in 1954. Royal Hotel at present is undertaken by the office of election commission of Nepal. In the year 1958, hotels like "coronation", "Emperor Hotel", "Hotel Panorama", "Hotel Green View",etc were established in 1964. "Hotel Shankar" was renamed after "Hotel Green View" and regarded as a first four-star hotel in Nepal before "Hotel Soaltee" in 1966. Hotel Soaltee was also first five star Deluxe hotel of Nepal."Blue Star Hotel " was opened in 1968 and "Hotel Crystal" in 1972 A.D. Gradually other hotels were also established outside the valley in different tourist places. At present, we have six five-star hotels, more than 15 four star hotels, and more than 100; tourist class standards hotels and lodges.

Concept of Catering Establishment

An organization or a place that provides the facility of food and beverages to the customer called catering establishment, for example hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, etc. " catering establishments are committed to achieving through quality food and service in a manner which meets the client expectations and achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction and value for money. Catering enters in people's life in their most important times such as on weddings, baby shower, wedding anniversaries, birthdays etc.

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Readers need to aware of the scope of employment in the industry and should realize both social and economic importance of this industry. The economic health of a nation is reflected in the food served in the homes and in catering establishment of the country. With full employment, business boom; with the expansion of overseas tourism, the catering industries also expand.The catering industries were first started back in 4th millennium B.C. Catering all started first in china but the culture of grand eating and drinking was already started in old Egypt. However, the first hotels or catering concept were established in ancient Greece. The development of hotel and catering in Greece was also continued in Roman Empire. In those days in Greece catering was used to provide food to the soldiers on transportation and trade routes in Greece. The catering trade had been influenced by the church in the later part of middle ages. Due to the development of money, transportation and the popularity of the concept of catering

Due to the development of money, transportation and the popularity of the concept of catering to the people the catering industries drastically started to develop. The catering industries were widely spread in Germany from 14th to the 15th century which had drawn the attention of many legislators. Due to its popularity, Germany was the first country to put the laws regulating the quality of food. Catering started to develop more and more. It started to seek the attention of more and more people and in mid 18th century a person named Alex's Soyer invented the first boiler. The boiler was invented to steam and to make the food warm. During 19th and 20th

The boiler was invented to steam and to make the food warm. During 19th and 20th century, new innovations of catering instruments, development of transportation and the increasing popularity of catering among the people made catering an important part of the national economy. Today in this 21stcentury catering system is not limited only to provide food for travelers but much more than that. Now catering companies do not only provide a simple and appetizing food but also they present the food in such an appealing appearance with decorating the food. Though the establishment of catering has been so long it has still been able to be one of the important parts of our society.

Event range from cheese lunch drop- off to full-service catering . caters and their staff are part of every food service industry.

Types of Catering Establishment

There are a number of ways to classify catering establishment in the world of catering industries. Generally catering establishment can be divided into following two types

1. Primary or Commercial Catering

These are the establishment whose main aim is to earn a profit by providing food and beverage to the guest as per their demand. Hence they are also referred as commercial catering establishment. Such as hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, bars, pubs etc

2. Secondary or Welfare Catering

Secondary or welfare catering these are the establishment that provides food and beverage as a part of another business. Their aim is to earn money. Instead the establishments are there to provide welfare services at affordable prices, such as industrial canteens, hospitals canteen, airline canteen, school/ colleges canteen, ship or cruise line etc. the quality and the quantity of the food should be equally good, though the type of menu offered in this type of catering might be different from another.


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  1. An organization or a place that provides the facility of food and beverages to the customer called catering .
  2. The word hotel can be defined as a public place, which provides lodging and boarding to the genuine customers on payment.
  3.  Secondary or welfare catering these are the establishment that provides food and beverage as a part of another business. 
  4. The catering industries were widely spread in Germany from 14th to 15th century which had drawn the attention of many legislators.



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