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Classification of Hotel and Chain Hotels

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Classification of Hotel

There is no exact classification of hotels. However, hotels are classified on the basis of services they offer, the number of room and type of rooms they hold, the area of location and much many factors. Some of the factors of hotels classification are as follow:

On the Basis of Location

Some of the hotels based on the location are as follow:

1. Downtown Hotels
The hotels are situated at the heart of the city or the center of the city, basically designed to cater short stay business clients. The hotels are very expensive and star up cost are very high. These types of hotels are surrounded by shopping malls, business agencies, restaurants etc. Hotel Vaishali is an example of a downtown hotel in Kathmandu.

2. Resort Hotels
Eco-friendly commercial hotel, basically designed for long stay for the guest. These type of hotel are situated in hill stations, where the natural beauty has its importance. Or they are situated in the lap of nature. Resorts are seasonally operated catering establishment. Resorts provide all the facilities as offered by a star category hotel. Rates are high and facilities are luxurious. Resorts are mostly preferred by honeymoon couples, vacationers etc. Godavari village resort in the Godavari, Gokarna golf resort, and spa in Gokarna are some of the examples of resorts.

3. Transit / Transient hotel
The transient hotels are usually located in transient locations such as an airport, railway stations, bus stations, harbors, ports, etc to cater the passengers. These types of hotels are for the guest who stays less than one day or have to catch a bus or flight within some hours. Rates are charged according to the hour the guest stays in a hotel. Rates are not high and facilities are limited.

4. Motels
The motel is derived from two interrelated words "motor and hotel" from America. Motels are the hotel situated on the highways having fueling and parking facilities along with food and shelter. These type of hotels are preferred by the guests who goes on a long drive.

5. Suburban Hotels
Suburban hotels are located away from the city centers having the advantages of quieter surroundings and rates quoted are moderate to low. Such hotels are ideal for budget travelers and also the quiet-seeking organization for their conference and seminars. Hotel Hyatt in Kathmandu is an example of a suburban hotel.

On the Basis of Size

Hotels are classified according to the size and number of rooms as follows:

1. Small Hotels: 25 rooms and less

2. Medium Hotels: 25 to 100 rooms

3. Large Hotels: 101 to 300 rooms

4. Very Large Hotels: Above 300 rooms

5. Mega Hotels: more than 1000 rooms

On the Basis of Level of Service

1. World Class Service Hotels
It is also called a luxury hotel. This hotel provides upscale restaurant and lounges, concierge service and also private dining facilities. Rooms are oversized, heated, plus bath towel, shampoo and many more facilities. Guest are provided personalized services.

2. Mid-Range Service Hotel
These hotels offer modest services without the frills and personalized attention of luxury hotels and appeal to the largest segment of travelers.Their service is mid-market services and the staff level is moderate.

3. Economy / Budget Hotel
These type of hotels have clean, comfortable guest rooms, coffee shop, and a multi cuisine restaurant, in-room telephone, and channeled music and movies. It focuses on meetings the most basic needs of guest providing clean, comfortable and inexpensive rooms.

Depending on the facilities provided, the hotels are categorized under different star grading ranges from 1 to 5-star hotels. There is another star category of the hotel coming up is 7-star hotels with advance technology, supplementary facilities, and services. Greater the facilities, higher the star rating. A five star hotel which is the highest rating will provide the different facilities such as central air conditioning, standard room layout, wall to wall carpeting, 24 hours got and cold water, round the clock room service, shopping arcades, swimming pools, specialty restaurants including coffee shops, bars, and discotheques, sports facilities, health clubs, business centers, postal service, transportation, etc. star rating inclines as much as the facilities that the hotel can endow with.

Chain Hotels and Restaurants

The hotels and restaurants which are running in different places in and out of the country under one brand name at different places are known as Chain hotel and restaurants. Chain hotels and restaurants are run under Franchise, Management Contract, on lease or profit sharing ( Partnership) basis.

World famous Hotel Chains

  1. Hilton
  2. Ritz Carlton
  3. Sheraton
  4. InterContinental
  5. Kempinski
  6. Marriot
  7. Holiday inn
  8. Oberoi Group of hotel
  9. Crown Plaza
  10. Radisson
  11. Hyatt Regency
  12. Le Meridian
  13. HotelTaj

World famous Restaurant Chains

  1. Mc Donald`s
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. KFC (Kentucky Fried Egg)
  4. Wimpy
  5. Hot Breads
  6. TGIF (Thank God It's Friday)
  7. Delicatessen, etc

Chain Hotels in Nepal

  1. Radisson Hotel
  2. Hyatt Regency
  3. Le Meridien
  4. Hotel Soaltee Crown Plaza
  5. Star Hotels and Resorts in Nepal

5-star hotels in Nepal

  1. Soaltee Crown Plaza
  2. Hyatt Regency
  3. Radisson Hotel
  4. Hotel Annapurna
  5. Hotel Everest
  6. Hotel yak and Yeti
  7. Hotel Shangrila

4-star hotel in Nepal

  1. Hotel Shankar
  2. Hotel Malla
  3. Hotel Himalaya
  4. Hotel Royal Singhi
  5. Hotel Sherpa
  6. Hotel Grand
  7. Hotel Dwarika

3-star hotel in Nepal

  1. Hotel Gangzong
  2. Hotel Tibet
  3. Hotel Vajra
  4. Hotel Summit
  5. Hotel Maracopolo
  6. Hotel Manang
  7. Hotel Marsyangdi
  8. Hotel Durbar
  9. Hotel Garden

Resorts in Nepal

  1. Fulbari Resort and Spa
  2. Gokarna Golf Resort and Spa
  3. Godavari Village Resort
  4. Mirabel Resort
  5. Park Village Resort
  6. Nirvana Golf Resort
  7. Shangrila Village Resort
  8. Club Himalaya
  9. Bandipur Resort
  10. Dhulikhel Mountain Resort


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  1.  Hotels are classified on the basis of services they offer, number of room and type of rooms they hold, the area of location and much many factors. 
  2.  Inns are an older portrayal of modern hotels.
  3. Residential hotels are generally made for long staying guests with all facilities. 
  4. The transient hotels are usually located in transient locations such as an airport, railway stations, bus stations, harbors, ports, etc to cater the passengers.
  5. Depending on the facilities provided, the hotels are categorized under different star grading ranges from 1 to 5-star hotels.

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