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Population Growth and its Effect

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Fig: Population

The increasing number of people in particular place of a country in a particular time is known as population growth. All human beings are social animals they need a good environment to spend their life. The needs and demands of people are increasing day by day due to increase in population. We are well known that there are very few environmental resources, but their use has increased in proportion to the human needs and wants which, lead to environmental degradation. There are other major aspects affected by population growth. They are described below:

  • Environmental pollution
    The main cause of environmental pollution is the growth of population. The increasing number of people makes different in the environment .Environmental pollution refers to the mixing of an unnecessary element in the environment. If there will be pollution in the environment, the environment will be damaged. All the dust, smoke, bad smell etc. which come out from the industries, factories, vehicles, etc. pollutes the environment. So, due to this reason we have to keep our environment free from different types of pollution.

  • Food
    All the living things need food to run their life. Food is the basic need of human beings. If there will be lack food then people will suffer from starvation and become victims of different types of diseases like malnutrition, rickets etc. So, if there will be less number of people then there will be no problem of food. Fig: Food
    Fig: Food
  • Health Services and Facilities
    The population goes on increasing day by day. The growth of population or growing population degrades the environment due to which many health related problems arises. So, if there will be more people then there should be more health center, doctors, nurses and other health workers.

  • Fig:Education
    Fig: Education
    When the population grows up then the number of people will also grow up. If the population increases then there will be the problem of infrastructure to provide education to a large number of people. There will be the lack of materials, classroom, furniture, playground, buildings, etc. In the absence of all these things, we can not give good education to the children.

  • Housing and Settlement
    When the population will increase then there will be a number of people. When the number of people increasesthen their needs and demand also increase. Like they need more food, house, employment, health services etc. People started to build the house in the land which has been using for agriculture products. Not only this they will start to cut down the trees or start to do deforestation which effects the environment. Fig:
    Fig:Housing and Settlement:

  • The increasing number of people in certain place of a country in a certain time is known as population growth.
  • Environmental pollution means the mixing of unwanted elements in the environment.
  • Rapid population growth leaves negative effect on health of the people.

Questions and Answers

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Following are the  area affected by population growth:

  • food
  • education
  • housing or settlement
  • health services and facilities
  • employment
  • environment pollution

Population effects in an environment by dust,smoke,poisonous gas,bad smell,etc,which come out from the industries,factories,vehicles,rotten animals pollute the environment.

  • _____________is the basic need of human beings.

  • ____________________is the major aspects affected by rapid population growth rate.

  • Rapid population growth leaves _________effect on health of the people.

  • __________pollution refers to the mixing of unwanted elements in the environment.

  • The environment is polluted when its originality is ____________.

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