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  • Which of the following does not fall under provision of computer ethics?

    You should not use computer to harm others .
    You should not destroy , steal and use the computer password of other people.
    You should not use computer just for entertaintment.
    You should not use computer to steal others file .
  • ____________is popularly known as cyber law of Nepal .

  • Which of the following statement is correct for Copyright Act 1992?

    This law was made to stop unauthorized copy .
    This right is provided by the state to the public to see the information
    This law has made provision of the rights to see own credit record without paying
    None of them.
  • Which of the following fall under Provision Act of Cyber Law of Nepal?

    Provides punishment to the hacker who damages programs or data residing in other computer on network or illegally copies them.
    Provision of bodies to create, control and verify the digital signature
    Provision for license regarding the IT customer and their duties and responsibilities.
    Provision to see rights to see own credit record.
  • __________ is a branch of practical principal that deals with how the computer experts should make decision in regard to the social and professional behavior.

    Cyber Law
    Computer Ethics
    Computer Policy
    Telecommunication Law
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