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  • Find the lateral surface area with base is an equilateral triangle of area 16√3 cm2 and the  length of lateral  edge is 5 cm.

    26 cm2
    >28 cm2
    36 cm2
  • If every edges of a triangular pyramid  is 10 cm, find the lateral surfaces area of the pyramid.

    60√3 cm2
    65√3 cm2
    70√3 cm2
    75√3 cm2
  • In a  square based pyramid the ratio of vertical height  and  slant height is 4:5 and the total surface area is 96 cm2.Find the volume of the pyramid.

    50 cm3
    48 cm3
    40 cm3
  • In a square based pyramid, the ratio of slant height and length of base is 5:6 and the total surface area is 1536 cm2.Find the volume of  the pyramid.

    3070 cm3
    3072 cm3
    3050 cm3
    3030 cm3
  • A pyramid has squared base of side 24 cm and slant height is 13cm.Find the total surface area and the volume.

    1222 cm2,970 cm3
    1230 cm2,980 cm3
    1200cm2,960 cm3
    1240 cm2,930 cm3
  • A pyramid has a squared base of side 18 cm and height is 12 cm.Calculate the total surface area and the volume.

    865 cm2,1293 cm3
    867 cm2,1295cm3
    864 cm2,1296 cm3
    866 cm2,1294 cm3
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