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  • A business organization performs a large number of financial transactions on a ______ basis.

  • The financial transactions of the business organizations relate to ______.

    acquiring assets
    paying expenses
    all the options are correct
    receiving incomes
  • "Book- keeping is the art of recording business dealings in a set of books." Who gave this definition?

    J. R. Batliboi
    R.N. Carter
    S.P. Arora
  • Which one of them is the objective of book-keeping?

    To find out operational result of the business
    To keep systematic records
    To classify the transactions
    All the options are correct
  • "Book-keeping is the science and art of correctly recording in books of accounts, all those business transactions that result in the transfer of money or money worth." Who gave this definition?

    J.R. Batliboi
    L.C. Cropper
    Dr. A. N. Agrawala
    R.N. Carter
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