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  • A budget sheet is prepared on the basis of ______.

    journal voucher
    final account
    petty cash book
    bank cash book
  • The transactions, which do not affect the budget expenditures, are not recorded in ______.

    annual appropriation part
    budget release part
    balance of budget
    budget expenditure part
  • The second part of the budget sheet records the amount of ______.

    all the options are correct
    budget release
    imprest fund release
    additional imprest fund release
  • The budget sheet is closed at the end of each fiscal year, which is known as ______.

    yearly closing
    monthly closing
    weekly closing
    daily closing
  • The process of obtaining the total budget release and expenditures up to the month is called _______.

    yearly closing
    annual closing
    weekly closing
    monthly closing
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